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The village of Roseland had its origins in 1849, when a band of recently arrived Dutch families built their homes along the Chicago-Thornton Road.  During the late 1800’s, George M. Pullman planned a model industrial city built around a factory that manufactured his “Palace” railway coaches.  Modern brick homes were built with electricity, plumbing and gas utilities.  Skilled tradesmen from all over Europe immigrated to the town of Pullman with many settling in nearby Roseland.


The Roseland area became a very cosmopolitan community made up of multi-cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds.  Supporting businesses flourished rapidly changing the farmland into commercial and residential communities surrounded by a number of industries.  Roseland was once known as a shopping mecca.  Roseland/Pullman have a rich history and shall reclaim its’ status as the “Jewel of the Southside.”  Great things are happening in the Roseland/Pullman communities. 

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